About Us

McShane Construction is a leading national industrial, commercial and multi-family builder – but we are so much more. Our buildings are more than just bricks and mortar – they are our clients’ visions turned into a reality.

McShane Construction builds realities from visions, such as multi-family and affordable housing communities, industrial facilities, public and private healthcare facilities and corporate and governmental office buildings. We improve the supply chain management process, increase operational efficiencies and build environments that foster creativity. Our commitment to sustainable construction defines both our public and private sector work and helps us improve the communities in which we build. The structures we create provide our clients with more than just a building – we deliver an environment in which to realize their vision and achieve their goals.

We thrive on challenge. Tight budget or time table? Complex site? We’ll take it on – start to finish. Many of our greatest successes have come when others have been unable to deliver on a promise. We have, in turn, exceeded expectations.

Our construction organization has been successful for over 30 years as a result of our financial strength – the foundation that allows McShane Construction to enjoy longstanding relationships with the financial institutions that can help turn your vision into reality. Our solid financial platform, extensive bonding capacity and comprehensive insurance program are essential characteristics that have established McShane Construction as a leader in the field and are central to the partnerships we have built with our clients.

We invest in your project by investing in our employees. We encourage and support a partnering approach with our professionals, who share a spirit of ownership in their daily work and their project’s ultimate outcome. Our team’s ingenuity and entrepreneurial approach is made possible because we value and invest in our people. We offer opportunities for their professional growth each day and are focused on providing the safest and most productive working environment possible.

As a result, our clients benefit from all of the advantages that their new facility offers. Whether it’s increased employee productivity, improved patient and caregiver welfare, or a greater sense of community – McShane Construction’s projects help you realize your goals.