Subcontractor’s Qualification – Textura

As a part of our Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Program, Textura’s Pre-Qualification Management (PQM) system assists our subcontractors in keeping their required pre-qualification information up-to-date to ensure availability for invitations to bid. Using Textura’s PQM is the easiest and best way to maintain your pre-qualified status with McShane Construction Company. PQM offers both parties reduced administrative costs and helps us better distinguish the qualified subcontractors from the unqualified subcontractors. If you are a current subscriber to the Textura PQM and your subscription level allows it, there is no additional fee.

For more information about the Textura PQM system or to subscribe, please visit the Textura website at or call 1-866-TEXTURA (1-866-839-8872).

Subscription benefits include:

For questions regarding bidding for jobs and pre-qualifying with McShane Construction Company, please contact McShane’s closest regional office.