100-Unit Multi-Family Redevelopment

Macon, GA
Felton Homes Apartments

Macon Housing Authority awarded the construction of the extensive 100-unit Felton Homes Apartments redevelopment assignment to McShane Construction.

This multi-family project located in Macon, Georgia, consisted of the renovation of a 50 single-story duplex building community, encompassing a total of 77,088 square feet on 11.5 acres. Originally constructed in 1941 as military housing, Felton Homes Apartments served as public housing since 1955 and was reconstructed to comply with modified Enterprise Green Communities standards.

McShane Construction performed extensive updates to the exteriors of the 50 duplex structures including re-oriented entrances with porches, new roof lines, energy efficient windows and exterior siding as well as the utilization of solar generated energy.


Project Photos