College Recruiting

Developing Leaders

Our approach to employee development and training is simple — invest in smart, motivated, self-starters, who are interested in expanding their skill set and making those around them better.

Whether you choose a career in office-based project management or job-site field supervision, we will train and mentor you in a small team environment to manage all aspects of constructing award-winning industrial, multi-family, institutional, and commercial facilities.

Upcoming college career fairs include:

  • Iowa State University Spring Engineering Career Fair – 2/12/119
  • Northern Arizona University Career & Graduate School Expo – 2/15/19
  • Arizona State University SSEBE Construction Career Fair (School of Sustainable Engineering & the Built Environment) – 2/19/19
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign CEE Networking Night – 2/27/19
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign CEE Spring Job Fair – 2/28/19

In just a few years, your résumé will be among the best in the industry, and you’ll be ready to help our next group of college graduates.

We encourage and support a partnering approach with our professionals, who share a spirit of ownership in their daily work and their project’s ultimate outcome. We offer opportunities for professional growth each day and are focused on providing the safest and most productive working environment possible.